Hand Tools



When you choose IDEAL, you know the tools will always be the finest quality; designed for the professional and available wherever your job takes you. We have the quality hand tools you can rely on and the totes you need to carry them. A close examination of any IDEAL tool will show you the design details that set them apart. And you can work confidently knowing you're backed by the industry's finest warranty.


Crimp Tools


Compresses Universal F, RCA, BNC type connectors on RG59, RG6, mini coax and plenum cable.



Compresses F and RCA type
F-Conn and Digicon connectors on RG59, RG6, RG7 and RG11 cable.



EZ-RJPRO® HD Crimp Tool

The new EZ-RJPRO® HD Crimp Tool is designed for the professional installer providing a ratcheted, high leverage, ultra stable platform for consistent, repeatable terminations. This heavy duty tool is the perfect solution when working with high performance, larger OD cables that are tougher to terminate due to larger wire gauges, thicker, harder insulation on the conductors and pair separating splines. Not only will you overcome these connectivity obstacles but you can be assured that every termination will meet FCC specifications. Compatible with all EZ-RJ45® and EZ-RJ12/11 connectors as well as all standard modular plugs, except AMP.


Ratchet Telemaster™

For paired conductors
Ratchet version of popular Telemaster™ Tool for RJ-45 and RJ-11 modular plugs
Repeatable crimp action for consistent, high quality connections


Cable Stripping Tools

COAX Stripping Tools



Preps Series 59 and Series 6 drop wire.
Stripper cartridges come preset from the factory at the standard 1/4" x 1/4" prep.



Preps Series 7 and Series 11 cable.
Stripper cartridges come preset from the factory at the standard 1/4" x 1/4" prep.


UTP Stripping Tools


CAT5/6 Jacket Stripper

PART# 15015

This economical tool has been specifically designed to strip the cable jackets from Category 5, 5e and Category 6 twisted pair cables. No adjustments are required and will not nick the inner conductors. Durable high impact plastic housing is molded from yellow plastic to make it easier to locate. Long life blade.

Economy UTP Stripper

PART# 1913


Fiber Cable Strip Tools


MiniLite-Strip™ Optical Fiber Stripper

PART# 45-352


Small stripping v-notch is designed to remove buffer and coating material from 125u fiber
Large stripping v-notch is designed to strip wide range of outer cable jacket insulations
Blade area heat-treated for durability
Laser marked for easy identification
Extra durable to withstand normal drops without requiring tool realignment



Fiber Optic Stripper (900/250)


V-notch blades strip a wide range of outer cable jacket insulations
Replaceable precision-ground blades cleanly strip insulations and coatings
New funneled hold makes cable insertion easier
Improved spring mounting returns handles to original position after every application
One-step, 900 micron stripping hole provides broader stripping range


Telecom Punchdown & Cutting Tools

66/110 Punchdown Tool


Patent pending locking impact mechanism allows non-impact operation and sure driving with a variety of optional WorkEnds™ driver bits.
Terminate and cut wire in one step with included precision ground combination 66 and 110 blade.
Integrated Hook and Spudger for fast, easy manipulation of wire and small components.
Selectable (hi/low) impact-force settings meet industry standards.
Spring loaded for fast low effort seating and terminating.
Dual material contoured chassis with spring loaded locking mechanism.
Color coded yellow on the CUT side of the tool.
Hook and Spudger neatly and compactly store in the shassis, out of the way when not in use.
Induction hardened high-carbon steel for durability and long life.
Replacement blades and optional WorkEnds kit available



5-Pair 110 Punchdown Tool


• Fewer punches saves time
• Smooth operation and rugged, comfortable handle absorbs punch recoil
• Terminates 28-22 AWG (.08 - .34 mm2) solid or stranded wires withsingle insulation
• Cut and punch blade cassette or switch blades for punch only
• Designed to work with 23 AWG CAT 6 cable


Electricians Scissors




Data T®-Cutter

Part# 45-074


Cuts round communication cables up to 0.5 inch (12.7mm) and coaxial cable up to RG-9/U
Curved cutting blades maintain cable geometry for better cable performance
Steel reinforced center conductors can be trimmed with bolt cutting holes
Cushioned comfort grip handles
Locking latch keeps tool closed in pouch


Cable Pulling Tools & Supplies

The Gopher Pole

Part #915020

Telescopes from 4 feet to 22 feet in a matter of seconds (the hook on the end makes it about 52" long when collapsed)
Easy to handle in tight spots
No loose parts to fit together
Can push or pull wires over long spans, in suspended ceilings, sub-floors, crawl spaces, and attics
Constructed of durable, non-conductive fiberglass
Sturdy and lightweight
Highly visible color (white)
Positive lock system (won't inadvertently collapse)

Part #540-15

Luminescent fiberglass rods glow in the dark to make fishing voice, data and video wires easier in dark spaces, such as above ceilings, in walls, and below sub-floors

More flexible for fishing in walls through outlet box holes

Sturdy, steel-threaded connectors are interchangeable with Greenlee 1/4 IN (6.4 mm) Fish Stix

Clear, non-metallic storage tube keeps Glo- Stix charged and ready to use


Blued-Steel™ Fish Tapes


Laser etched in 12 inch increments to provide instant conduit length (Tuff-Grip™ Pro models only)
Unique finish is non-oily and resists rust
Industry's straightest wire
Stiffer for long runs
Highest grade carbon steel
Tensile strength 1,600 lbs.
Multiple options in width, length and eyelet for ease of use



Pulling String and Rope

Valu-Line™ Pull-Line - 6,500 feet long , 3-in-1 Premise MULETAPE®, Pro-Pull™ Rope


• Continuous-fiber polyline great for blowing directly into conduit
• Will not rot or mildew
• Can be left in conduit for future use


Wire Pulling Lubricants

Yellow 77® Plus Wire Pulling Lubricant


Polytetrafluoroethylene additive provides greater lubricity than other wax-based lubricants
Safe to use with all cable types
Remains stable in high temperatures -- usable from 30°F to 190°F (-1°C to 88°C)
Dries slowly to a thin, non-conducting film that won't harden in conduit
Clings to cable throughout long runs
Easy to apply by hand or with pump
Creamy texture applies easily and uniformly
Homogeneous blend requires no mixing
Won't dry out -- surface coat forms to control evaporation
Environmentally safe -- non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-corrosive

ClearGlide™ Wire Pulling Lubricant



Clear and colorless for quick and easy clean-up
Exceptional lubricity for super-fast pulls
Polymer-based formula perfect for all electrical and datacom applications
Safe to use with all cable types
Remains stable over wide temperature range -- usable from 30°F to 180°F (-1°C to 82°C)
Dries to a semi-fluid film that won't clog conduit
Clings to cable throughout long pulls
Easy to apply by hand, brush, or pump
Environmentally safe -- non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-corrosive



Rack-A-Tiers Wire Dispenser

Part #11455


Laserline Kit

The CO2 powered gun shoots a foam dart with a line attached to it up to 200ft. Stop climbing your ladder and moving it every ten feet to pull your wire across a t-bar ceiling. Pull your wire the entire distance in one shot with the Laserline!

Accurately install a pull line up to 200ft
Cuts labor costs and improves production
Ability to span over heavy and hard to move objects found in many commercial structures
Replacement line and darts available

Laserline Kit Part#'s

Laserline Kit - 83000
Replacement Line 2-1200ft - 83001
Dart 3 Pack – 83003


Fiber Tools & Supplies

Anerobic (Fastcure) Tools and Consumables


Anerobic (Fast Cure) Tool Kit

Part #49800-FTK

Leviton's Fast Cure Tool Kit is designed for use with any single mode or multimode anerobic connector: SC, ST, FC, or Simplex LC. The kit comes in its own compact lightweight case, complete with an inspection scope, buffer remover, polishing pad, Standard 2.5mm and LC 1.25mm polishing fixture, LC scope adapter, fiber optic crimp tool, safety glasses, scissors, jacket stripper, polishing fixture and music wire.


Consumable and Consumable Kits


Alcohol Pads 100/Pack

Part #49886-APD


Hardener & Primer Kit

Part #49800-680


Fast Cure Consumables Kit

Part #49800-FCC

Leviton's Fast Cure Consumables Kit contains everything you need to clean and polish single mode and multimode Fast Cure connectors, such as lint-free dry wipes, alcohol pads, music wire, 12-, 3-, and 0.3 micron lapping film, Hardener & Primer kit, syringes, and replacement needles.


Sapphire Scribe

Part #49886-SCR


200X Inspection Scope

Part #49886-FSP



Fast Cam (Pre-Polished) Connector Tools


Fastcam Connector Lynx Tool Kit

Fastcam Connector Lynx Tool Kit Consisting of: Lynx Fiber Cleaver, Lynx Work Tray, Lynx Flex LED Light, Fiber Jacket Stripper, Lint-Free Wipes, and Alcohol Moistened Cleaning Wipes.


Fastcam Connector CT-30A


Fastcam Connector CT-30A Tool Kit Consisting of: Fujikura CT-30A Fiber Cleaver, Fiber Jacket Stripper, Lint-Free Wipes, and Alcohol Moistened Cleaning Wipes.



J-Hook & Support Systems



CADDY®CAT LINKS is the most advanced J Hook support solution from ERICO for use with a wide variety of cable, including large-diameter cable and Cat. 6a and Cat. 7. Featuring a wide base with smooth, beveled edges, the versatile CADDY CAT LINKS provides the largest bending radius of any J-Hook. This feature helps ensure a stable and secure installation to easily accommodate current and future high-performance cables that comply with TIA standards.

Featuring a wide base with smooth, beveled edges, CADDY CAT LINKS provides the largest bending radius of any J-Hook. This feature helps ensure a stable and secure installation to easily accommodate current and future high-performance cables that comply with TIA standards. CADDY CAT LINKS is especially versatile in designs requiring multiple pathways.


CADDY® CABLECAT - Adjustable Cable Support


• Up to 425 4-pair UTP or 2-strand
fiber optic cable, or 265 CAT6 - 4”
or 6” dia. loop
• Provides proper support of
Category 5e, Category 6,
fiber optic and innerduct
• Multiple sizes and designs available
to attach to a variety of structures
• Cost effective alternative to expensive cable tray
• cULus® listed and complies with NEC® and TIASM
requirements for structured cabling systems
• Suitable for air handling spaces (plenum)

Surface Raceway

TSR - Low Voltage Surface Raceway

Surface Raceway Systems


Hellermann Tyton’s low voltage raceway (TSR) is a one piece, non-metallic, adhesive backed
latching raceway designed to aesthetically organize and route communications wires, including
high speed UTP cable and fiber optic cable, from the telecom room to the work area.
• Tamper resistant, self-locking, hidden positive latch permits quick re-entry as well as providing
a secure installation of premise wire
• Fittings incorporate a minimum 1² bend radius per ANSI/TIA-568-C and 569-A standards
• Rubber-based, foam-tape adhesive with high ultimate bond strength conforms to any surface
• Flexible hinge allows the raceway to endure numerous openings without creating discoloration or stress cracking
• Manufactured from UL 94V-0 rated PVC material.


InfoStream® Multi-Channel Raceway


HellermannTyton's InfoStream Multi-Channel Raceway is a revolutionary design for non-metallic raceway system. The elliptical shape is aesthetically pleasing when compared to other designs. By using the three rails to snap in dividers, the InfoStream system can accommodate up to four separate channels of electrical, voice, data, video or fiber optic cabling. InfoStream's unique and patented design make installations quicker and easier. The raceway and fittings are manufactured from a UL 94V-0 rated material.


Two Piece Non-Metallic Raceway


The 400, 800, and 2300 Series, from The Wiremold Company, is a family of single compartment raceways for communication or power applications ideal for use in classrooms, office, and hotel applications or anywhere a small low profile raceway is needed. The 2300D Nonmetallic Divided Raceway is for use when power and low voltage cabling is required in the same raceway.


Flexible Nonmetallic Pancake Raceway


The Wiremold, Overfloor Cable Protection Systems conceal wires and cords creating a smooth, trip-free surface instantly. It can be applied to any flooring system with pressure sensitive tape.


Label Printers

Rhino Printers

The New Standard for Industrial Labeling

When DYMO set out to revolutionize labeling, we teamed with installers who insisted on two things: an affordable, though, portable labeling tool with 'hot keys' (and other features) to make things easy.

Rhino 4200


The DYMO Rhino™ 4200 gets labelling jobs done fast – and done right. Easily navigate the familiar QWERTY keyboard. Use one-touch “Hot Key” shortcuts to quickly create and format wire/cable wraps, flags, Code 39 and Code 128 barcodes, fixed-length labels, module labels and more. Print labels up to 19mm wide in flexible nylon, permanent polyester and durable vinyl materials – PLUS print directly on heat-shrink tubes. Save even more time with great features – like the “Favorites” key which provides single-key access to commonly used labels, symbols and terms; and the “Custom” key which eliminates repeated steps by saving customize.


Rhino 5200


Now it’s easier than ever to give your installations a neat, professional look that builds your reputation! Fast, rugged and packed with time-saving features, RHINO™ 5200 helps comply with ANSI/TIA/EIA-606-A standards, and is designed for professional installers in real-world jobsite conditions. Hot-keys make it easy to print pre-formatted labels for wire and cable, terminal blocks, electrical and patch panels, vertical and fixed lengths. RHINO 5200 uses easy-peel labels with industrial strength adhesives, available in five materials – so you can be confident your labels will stay stuck, and stay legible, even in tough conditions.

Features & Benefits

• DYMO exclusive "hot keys" automatically size, space and format labels for wire and cables, modules, terminal blocks, patch panels, vertical and fixed - length applications.
• Pre-programmed symbol library with industry symbols, punctuation, currency and fractions
• Large multi-label view display
• Large two-line display
• Backlit for poorly-lit installations
• Integrated, slip-resistant rubber grip
• Save/recall > 100 label formats
• Prints Code 39 and Code 128 bar codes on 19mm labels
• Uses RHINO easy-peel with industrial-strength adhesives, available in 5 materials
• Runs on 6 AA batteries (not included) - or on optional quick-charging lithium ion battery. It is advised to use only Duracell Alkaline batteries with DYMO machines.
• Automatic shut-off maximizes battery life
• Includes one 19 mm white nylon tape


Rhino 5200 Hard Case Kit

Part #1756589

For the fastest, easiest way to use our RHINO™5200 professional portable labeler, get hold of this complete kit, including rugged carry case. With all you need to hit the ground running, this handy kit gives you the versatility and convenience of our RHINO 5200 labelling tool, two types of label cassettes, lithium-ion reachargeble battery and AC adapter. Fast, rugged and packed with time-saving features, the RHINO 5200 helps comply with ANSI/TIA/EIA-606-A standards, and is designed for professional installers in real-world jobsite conditions. Hot-keys make it easy to print pre-formatted labels for wire and cable, terminal blocks, electrical and patch panels, vertical and fixed lengths. RHINO 5200 uses easy-peel labels with industrial strength adhesives, available in five materials – so you can be confident your labels will stay stuck, and stay legible, even in tough conditions.


Rhino 6000


The new RHINO 6000 is an ideal labeling tool for datacomm, professional Audio/Video, security and electrical systems, as well as all types of labeling throughout commercial buildings, factories, warehouses, and even homes. The RHINO 6000 Label Printer is the first printer in the RHINO product family to offer PC connectivity. The installer can either create labels before reaching the worksite by downloading files from any Windows-based software program or they can create or edit labels while when they reach the worksite. The RHINO 6000 also has a library of over 250 easy-to-find industry terms and symbols; and also the ability to save over 1,000 of custom labels, which helps the installer save typing time. A quick-charge lithium-ion rechargeable battery, power-assisted label cutter, integrated impact bumper that protects against falls while allowing easy access to the label cartridge – we’ve just begun to scratch the surface of what the new RHINO 6000 can do.

Features & Benefits

• Exclusive “Hot Keys” eliminate guesswork, complicated menus and offer fast and easy formatting of commonly used label types including wire wraps, flags, patch panel labels, vertical labels and more.
• Over 250 easy-to-find, pre-programmed industry terms and symbols for saving time and standardizing labeling jobs.
• Prints six different bar codes
• Stores 1000+ custom labels, including industry terms, graphics, logos and symbols, for on-demand printing at worksites.
• Intuitive graphical interface lets you create, edit and preview multiple labels on our largest backlit LCD display
• One-touch powered cutter and cassette ejection system for effortless labels.
• Package includes RHINO 6000, 1" black on white Flexible Nylon tape, a Li-on rechargeable battery pack and AC adapter


Rhino 6000 Hard Case Kit

Part #1734520

With the hard case kit comes the RHINO Connect software. The software allows a user to upload or download label files for in-the field and on-demand printing, insert customized graphics, logos, symbols and industry terms, Import data from any Windows®-based program or print labels directly from RHINO CONNECT™ Software.


Labels for the Rhino Printers


RHINO Colored Vinyl

Colored vinyl labels are a perfect solution if you want your identification to be clearly understood. Applications include, patch panels, outlets, buttons,...ETC.

RHINO Flexible Nylon

The combination of a permanent adhesive and a superior flexible nylon are the perfect solution for marking any curved surfaces.

RHINO Heat shrink tubing

Looking for a non-adhesive yet permanent solution to identify and protect your wire and cables at the same time? DYMO's heat shrink polyolefin tubes provide clean and permanent marking for a wide range of cable diameters.

RHINO Permanent Polyester

Designed for application to extremely rough surfaces where increased adhesion and resistance to dirt and oils is required.


Bundling & Securing Products

3M™ Temflex™ General Use Vinyl Electrical Tape

Part # 1700

The economical solution for less demanding indoor jobs. On a 1 1/2 inch core, this black, 7 mil economy-grade vinyl tape serves as a general purpose tape. Inner pack of 1 per shrink wrap, 10 per sleeve with 100 rolls per case.


Scotch® Super 33+™ Vinyl Electrical Tape

Part # 33+SUPER

A premium grade vinyl electrical insulating tape, its aggressive adhesive and elastic backing ensure easy, water-resistant conformation to irregular surfaces in low temperatures, yet will not ooze or melt in high temperatures. Inner pack of 1/can, 10/ctn.


HellermannTyton manufactures a full line of high quality cable ties in a variety of styles, sizes, materials, and colors. Used to bundle and secure wire and cable, HellermannTyton cable ties are engineered and manufactured for maximum performance and quality.

Standard Cable Ties


HellermannTyton offers many options of cable ties. Whether the application demands mounting, extra strength, releasable, identification features. Offered in lengths from 4 inches to 32 inches and tensile strengths from 18 lbs to 250 lbs.


Cable Tie Mounts


HellermannTyton offers a wide variety of mounting bases and bundle separation products suited for many applications. Mounting bases and bundle separators are used in conjunction with cable ties to stabilize and secure wiring bundles, both indoors and outdoors. These mounting bases can be secured to a surface using rubber based adhesive, acrylic adhesive, or also can be mechanically mounted.


Grip (Hook and Loop) Bundling

Constructed of polyethylene hook and nylon loop, the Grip Tie is a low profile, one piece fastening device featuring quick release for repetitive access to cable and wire. Its design is optomized for use in telecommunication closets and for bundling Category 5e, Category 6, fiber optic cable, and power cords. Grip Ties are available in rolls and straps in 6", 8", 11" and 15" sizes and a variety of colors.


3M™ Dual Lock™ Reclosable Fastener

Part #06483

A rubber based adhesive on the back of a black, polypropylene reclosable fastener. 400 stems per square inch. 0.23 inch engaged thickness. Closure life 1,000.

Firestop Products

Specified Technologies Inc. (STI) is an industry leader in developing innovative fire protection systems that help stop the spread of fire, smoke and toxic fumes. For over 30 years, our management team has worked hand in hand with the construction industry to create simple solutions to complex firestopping problems.

SSP Intumescent Firestop Putty


SpecSeal® Series SSP Putty is a non-hardening, intumescent compound designed to seal through-penetrations as well as certain membrane penetrations against the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gasses. SpecSeal Putty expands up to 8 times its original size when exposed to high temperatures or flames.

Non-hardening for easy installation and retrofitting of cables.
Two-Stage Intumescence provides aggressive expansion.
Highly adhesive: stays put!
Unaffected by humidity, condensation, water.
Soft, pliable, easy to install.
Tested and proven acoustical properties.
No tools required.
UL Classified (up to 3 hr.)
FM Approved


SSS Intumescent Firestop Sealant Caulk


Unmatched Performance: Triple S reacts to heat using our patented and proprietary two-stage intumescent technology to expand rapidly to close off the path of smoke and hot gasses ahead of the advancing fire. Using active ingredients that are insoluble in water assures performance that is unaffected by humidity or moisture.
Triple S adheres to all common construction surfaces and dries to form a tough yet flexible water-resistant seal that can be sanded and painted to match its surroundings if so desired. As little as 1/2″ is required to provide up to a 4 hour rating when tested to the rigorous requirements of UL 1479 (ASTM E 814).

Water-Based for easy installation, cleanup, and disposal.
Two Stage Intumescence features extremely fast and directionalized expansion.
Remains Flexible allows normal pipe movement.
Sandable & Paintable (when dry)
Water-Resistant Will not re-emulsify when dry!
Safe for contact with plastics.
Red Color for easy identification and inspection.
Excellent Smoke Seal


Ready® Sleeve Pathway Kits


Ready® Sleeve

SpecSeal® Ready® Sleeve pathway kits are simple in design and installation. The original Ready® Sleeve (Cat Nos. FS) are engineered for new cabling installations. The 2 and 4 in. (51 and 102 mm) trade sizes incorporate a unique rolled lip design to eliminate potential sharp edges and the need for conduit bushings. The 1 in. (25 mm) trade size requires and includes a bushing.

Ready® Split Sleeve

The Ready® Split Sleeve kits (Cat Nos. FSR) are designed for existing cable installations. The split sleeves are easily installed around an existing cable bundle. Twopiece split plates and gaskets capture the sleeve and lock it tightly to the barrier. All three sizes include a rolled lip for optimum cable protection.


Firestop Grommet


Penetrations for one or two small cables can be time consuming, expensive, and messy. EZ-Path® Firestop Grommets make membrane and through-penetrations through rated gypsum board walls a snap. Just drill a hole, run your cable, snap the grommet around the cable, and press it into the wall. Use a single grommet for single sided (membrane) penetrations, or drill a hole through both sides of the wall and install grommets back-to-back for through-penetrations.


Fire Rated Cabling Solutions



Designed for new or existing cable installations through up to 10″ (25 cm) thick walls, or floors, the EZ-Path Series 44+ pathway holds up to 240 CAT 5E cables.


SSB Firestop Pillows


SpecSeal® Firestop Pillows are through-penetration firestop products resembling small cushions or soft bricks. These intumescent and highly resilient pillows are installed in openings by compressing and stacking into the opening in a brick-like fashion.

SpecSeal® Firestop Pillows consist of a mineral fiber core material sealed with a water-resistant intumescent membrane. This coated core material is then heat-sealed in a tough, non-irritating, fire-retardant poly bag.



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