Rack Mount Fiber Enclosures

Opt-X® 1000i Rack-Mount Fiber Termination


Sliding tray (optional in 1RU & 2RU) removes completely from enclosure for ease of field terminations and splicing
• Sliding tray glides (with stop) forward and backward, providing accessibility to front and rear bulkhead after installation
• 15" depth for high-density fiber termination and/or splicing
• Stackable and adjustable fiber rings simplify cable organization
• Front saddles pivot for improved patch cord routing
• Removable front and rear covers for better access to interior of enclosure
• Removable rubber grommet allows for pre-terminated fiber trunk install, protects cable, and minimizes dust build-up
• Accepts injection molded splice trays and 4'' x 7'' metal splice trays
• Constructed of 16-gauge steel, powder-coated black
• Capable of storing up to 3 meters of 900 μm tight buffered fiber per adapter
• Adapter plate on 3RU/4RU orients horizontally or vertically for optimal density
• Accessory kit consists of cable ties, mounting ear screws, port ID label, and spiral wrap (for cable protection on units with a sliding tray)
• Optional cable strain relief mounting kits (for installation on side of enclosure or on rack post)

Opt-X Ultra® Rack-Mount Enclosures


Leviton's Opt-X Ultra® Enclosures revolutionize the black box. Completely redesigned inside and out, the Opt-X Ultra offers stunning good looks and unprecedented functionality. Enhanced accessibility features make installation and maintenance a breeze, while advanced cable management tools reduce fiber stress and allow for multiple configuration options. So whether you're searching for the best looking fiber rack enclosure or the most functional, you'll find it in Leviton's Opt-X Ultra.

1RU, 2RU, and 4RU sizes
Transparent, removable doors and chassis covers
Removable easy-glide sliding tray
Stackable and configurable fiber management rings
Versatile bulkheads accept MTP modules or splice trays and adapters
Mounting brackets for 19" and 23" racks



CommScope offers several fiber management shelves, including splice, jumper management, termination
and combination shelves. CommScope offers shelves with preinstalled adapters in many different


Wall Mount Fiber Enclosures

Opt-X® Wall-Mount Enclosures


Leviton Opt-X Wall-Mount Enclosures are ideal for fiber applications requiring patching, cross-connect, and/or splicing of single-mode or multimode fibers while utilizing a minimum of space.

Self-healing grommet material protects cable and minimizes dust build-up
Adjustable fiber management rings easily attach to mounting studs
Ground terminal lug provides grounding option or cable strain relief
Cutout on side of enclosure allows access to adapter bulkhead when doors are open
Door options: split with single lock on service side (optional lock available to install on customer side), solid with or without single lock on customer side
Constructed of 16-gauge steel, powder-coated black

Uniprise® Ready™ Fiber Optic Wall Mount Enclosures


Uniprise Ready shelves and wall mounts are ready for anything from updating or expanding telecommunications closets to risers to small data centers in intelligent buildings, education and government structures. Ready’s internal sliding shelves and locking wall mounts share a common panel style footprint with all Ready system fiber connector panels and modules enabling field termination, field splicing and factory termination in a single unit. This modular concept enables users to adopt new technologies and fiber architectures over time by simply replacing modular Ready components in deployed Ready shelves and wall mount units. Simplifying initial installation while enabling easy network upgrades, Ready’s modular design provides a future-ready platform for all fiber deployments.



Compact Fiber Enclosure


The FWM 1X is a compact indoor wall mountable enclosure for interconnectivity and termination of optical fibers with the capacity of one Multilink adapter panel and comes with an installed fiber spool.


Fiber Adapter Plates

OPT-X Adapter Plates

NEW! Precision Molded Adapter Plates


Available in SC, LC, ST, and blank styles
Made of durable polycarbonate material
Works with all Opt-X rack-mount and wall-mount enclosures and VertiGO® panels
Zirconia ceramic sleeves for optimal performance in 1 Gbps or higher transmission speeds
Integrated couplers eliminate "rattle" and loose fit
Exceeds optical performance standards and meets all other applicable standards
Made in the USA


Metal Adapter Plates


Available in ST, SC, LC, and MTP®/MTO and QuickPort® styles

Works with all Opt-X rack-mount and wall-mount enclosures and VertiGO® panels
Captive push-lock pins allow for quick, tool-free installation and removal
4RU Opt-X enclosures accept up to 15 adapter plates (even quad LCs)
Meets all applicable standards



Fiber Adapter Plates


CommScope panels for fiber enclosures come in SC, ST, LC and FC configurations. Any combination of adapter panels can be used in the enclosures, up to the maximum number of openings.

Fiber Connectors

FastCAM® Connectors


Leviton's new FastCAM pre-polished connectors provide precision mechanical termination of single-mode or multimode fiber. No proprietary tools, no epoxy and no time-consuming hand polishing required, so installation takes just minutes. Strip the buffer, cleave and insert the fiber in the FastCAM Connector, release the factory installed wedge clip and you have an immediate, low insertion loss connection. Verify the optical continuity of LC, SC, and ST connectors with the Leviton Visual Fault Locator (VFL). Use with FastCAM Toolkit.

Pre-polished, field-installable connectors
Designed for data center and other applications that require fast network deployment
Use precision zirconia ferrules
Require no polishing or epoxy curing; provide immediate termination
Precision mechanical termination uses molded v-groove technology to retain and align the fiber
Terminated on 250 μm or 900 μm buffered fiber and/or 2 or 3mm jacketed fiber
Available in multimode, laser optimized multimode, and single-mode connector styles
Higher yields with Visual Fault Locator (VFL) compatible LC, SC, and ST connectors

Fast-Cure® Connectors


Leviton epoxy Fast-Cure Connectors, available in LC, SC, and ST styles, are reliable, cost-effective fiber optic connectors with quick, adhesive termination. Connectors feature precision pre-radiused zirconia ferrules, high cable retention crimp, and patented non-optical disconnect spacer design. Available in multimode or singlemode versions.

Anaerobic adhesive-style, field-installable connectors
Available in LC, SC, and ST connector styles
Available in LOMM, multimode, and single-mode versions (OM1/OM2, OM3/OM4, OS2)
Most robust connection, ideal for indoor and outside plant applications
Hand polishing required
900 μm and 3mm boots included with SC and ST connectors
Zirconia ceramic ferrules used on all connectors

QuickPort® Fiber Adapters


Snaps into all QuickPort openings and Multimedia Outlet System (MOS) housings
Tool-free plug and play installation
Offered with precision phosphor bronze or zirconia alignment sleeve


Fiber Raceway

Fiber Raceway Ducting and Accessories


Route, protect, and store fiber cabling with Leviton's Fiber Raceway System.

The easy design, easy to configure, easy to install cable management system provides a dedicated path for critical network cabling. Fiber Raceway is an ideal solution in data centers, head ends, telecom rooms, and wiring closets - virtually any application that requires fiber cable protection or segregation.

Adapts to Any Application
Raceway components are available in four colors, four sizes, and a wide variety of styles. Ducting is available in solid or slotted, with or without covers; connecting components enable drop-offs and routing around obstacles. Mounting kits allow overhead, raised floor, and vertical installation.

Assembles Quickly and Easily
Ducting is easily cut to size with a mitre saw, and the system installs with only a screwdriver and other simple carpentry tools. Connection components, including vertical and horizontal outlets and hardware-free cover, snap together tool-free, saving time and money. Side drop-off kits can be added after initial installation anywhere along the Raceway to accomodate new cabling routing to racks and cabinets.

Preserves Fiber Integrity
High impact thermoplastic contruction ensures ample protection, rigidity, and support. Ducting won't sag under heavy cable loads, and accidental cable damage is prevented, minimizing network downtime. Plus, the system maintains a minimum bend radius of 30mm at all times.

Reduces Fire Damage
The Fiber Raceway System is UL 2024A listed for riser-rated telecommunications applications. In addition, Raceway materials carry one of UL's highest flammability ratings, 94 V-o. They are also halogen-free and produce no corrosive acid or toxic gas emmisions in the event of fire, making them ideal for sensitive environments from hospitals and nursing homes to telecom rooms and data centers.



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